Technology Laboratory

The technology laboratory of Solomon Mechanics Co. Ltd. was established with the purpose of, developing and supplying original technology and foundation techniques in all fields of automation and deeply researching and developing with the aiming of increasing reliability and making high-quality products and stabilizing them by reinterpreting and strengthening the technology details of each part. We are a mecca of technology development with competitiveness in the field of automation. To provide products that meet customer demand, we have established the necessary technology in all fields of automation and carry out research tasks for developing each field, with a plan centering on customer requests and optimized process analysis, applying new technology in each field. We try our best to give customers satisfaction.
The technology laboratory of Solomon Mechanics Co., Ltd. is always with you whenever you need automation and product development research.

Strategy and Vision of Research and Development


Research Fields We Specialize In


Industrial Machines, Working Automation Devices, Research on and Development of Facilities

  • Design, control, evaluation, securing technology
  • Developing technology to meet market demand
  • Securing dedicated technology possible to apply to various professional workplaces
  • Developing all-purpose system for wide response to various workplaces


New Business Fields, Item Planning, Review, Application

  • Pioneering new business fields by analyzing new technology and future technology
  • Pushing ahead with database business to procure technology business ability
  • Developing association technology regarding the results of research and development


Various Controls, Development of Application Techniques


Support Technology Needed in Company