Technology and Quality Policy

Solomon Mechanics promises to provide technology that meets customer demand by securing technological competitiveness with constant R&D, thorough advance confirmation and post management.

Technology Policy


Quality Policy

Secure the power to develop safe products by constantly improving and supplementing

  • Strengthen the product system regarding main trade business
  • Produce by constantly monitoring and supplementing internal management standard
  • Rationalize the production field to stabilize the products
  • Establish customer’s trust by stabilizing the quality of the main products

To meet customers’ demands and requests and the ISO9001:2007 standard and quality policy, each team has established a program to procure detailed quality and has set up a quality management system, and practices regular management to guarantee suitability and effectiveness, and we are constantly improving to achieve the best quality.
To accomplish the quality policy, the responsible managers, executives and staff members understand the quality policy and purpose, practice and try to solve problems that occur and improve. We promise to supply materials to improve evaluations by regularly reviewing performance results.